President Biden has failed Americans, our allies, and his oath to protect and defend our nation. The devastation in Afghanistan is on his hands.

The situation has become increasingly dire with Afghans being beaten in the streets by the Taliban, American citizens being trapped and unable to safely travel to the airport, and the abandonment of our allies who served alongside our service members.

The hasty and unorganized withdrawal from Afghanistan can be only described as a complete foreign policy failure with devastating consequences. The recklessness of their decision-making has led to the Taliban seizing an immense amount of American military equipment and technology, it crushed the morale of the Afghan security forces, and has caused yet another national security and humanitarian crisis.

The President assured Americans we wouldn’t see Afghanistan overrun by the Taliban, and he assured us Americans would not need to be evacuated from our embassy. Despite these assurances, we now know intelligence officials warned the administration that this exact scenario was possible if they withdrew without a plan. Put simple, either the President misled the public or ignored the advice of his advisors.

His actions have put Americans directly in harm’s way. They have caused our allies in Afghanistan to be left behind to face an almost certain death sentence. His actions have put Afghan women and children at the hands of a murderous regime with an extensive track record of human rights atrocities. And President Biden’s actions have put our nation at risk. Due to the President’s failure in leadership the destabilization of the region and the resurgence of terror groups is all but guaranteed.

Sitting nearly at the 20th anniversary of 9/11, President Biden has presided over one of the single greatest national security and foreign policy failures in our nation’s history. Now, we must put every effort and every resource into evacuating Americans and our allies trapped in Afghanistan and ensuring our homeland is protected and prepared to counteract any threat that may arise from the President’s failure.

The ripple effect of this failure is yet to be fully realized, but we can only expect the fallout will continue to grow. China and Russia are watching this weakness. Terror groups are reorganizing. Our allies are watching in horror as this administration abandoned Afghans. We have an immeasurable amount of work ahead of us to repair the damage done by President Biden. This administration is incompetent, unfit and needs to be held accountable – Congress and the American people deserve answers.