Media Contact: Christian Chase –

Kevin McCarthy, the top House Republican and one of President Trump’s staunchest allies, threw his support behind GOP endorsed candidate Chris Jacobs for Congress from New York’s 27th District. 

“The fight is on in 2020 and we need Chris Jacobs in Washington. He is a proven fighter who knows how to win and will help advance President Trump’s agenda,” McCarthy said. “The Republican party is more unified than ever before. I know Chris Jacobs will helps us restore order to the People’s House and be a leader in championing the president’s agenda to secure our borders, strengthen our military, and stop the House Democrat’s socialist agenda. I’m committed to making sure he’s the next Congressman from Western New York.”

Leader McCarthy is President Trump’s point person on Capitol Hill and the President has already indicated that McCarthy is his choice to be the next Speaker of the House. 

“That stakes are great in 2020 and I’m ready to answer the call,” Jacobs said. “I am grateful for Leader McCarthy’s support and I am eager to join the fight in Congress,” Jacobs said.

McCarthy is among the most prolific fundraisers in the Republican Party, raising more than $52 million in 2019 – the largest sum ever raised by a House Republican and breaking Paul Ryan’s previous off-year record of $44 million. 

Jacobs was nominated Saturday by Republican leaders as their nominee for the 27th district special election.