Secure our Borders

Chris Jacobs stands with President Trump and agrees that we need to work hard to build the wall along our southern border and make sure it is secure. Every day illicit drugs, criminals, and traffickers push over our border and put Americans’ lives in danger. Chris Jacobs travelled to our southern border to be briefed extensively by agents of our Border Protection and Customs Agency and see first-hand the crisis our law enforcement officials face at the southern border. Chris understands the struggles and the dangers these patriots are facing on a daily basis and will work tirelessly in Congress to ensure they have the resources they need to do their jobs.

End Sanctuary City Policies

Chris Jacobs staunchly opposes sanctuary policies that hide criminal illegal immigrants from federal law enforcement, and in the NYS Senate he fought against the Green Light Law which aims to gives driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. In Congress, he will help the President to end these dangerous sanctuary policies endangering Americans’ safety and will work to ensure that Law Enforcement Officers are given the resources and authority to serve and protect citizens’ safety.

Defend the Second Amendment

Chris Jacobs has a long history of defending the Second Amendment. As Erie County Clerk he stood up for gun owners and faced down lawsuits set to expose the privacy of Pistol Permit owners and won. When Governor Cuomo passed the unconstitutional SAFE Act and an Erie County resident had his guns illegally taken away, Chris Jacobs stepped in, took on the Governor, and got the citizen’s firearms back. He has had an A rating from the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association as NYS Senator, and he will bring this record to Congress to defend our right to carry.

Stand Up for Western New York’s Small Businesses

Chris Jacobs has been a small businessman for over 20 years and has created hundreds of jobs. As the owner of a development company that has redeveloped many vacant and historic buildings in Western New York, Chris’ work has provided the space and environment for small businesses. Chris will take this experience to Congress to continue this record of job creation and business building for all of Western New York. By fighting back against Governor Cuomo’s punitive taxes and regulations, and supporting President Trump’s economic boosting policies, Chris will help bring new prosperity to New York. Chris supports President Trump’s efforts to roll back the hundreds of additional regulations passed during the Obama year’s which have been especially burdensome to small businesses.

Build Up Our Infrastructure

Chris Jacobs understands the importance of having strong, safe, and reliable infrastructure. He supports the President’s efforts to rebuild America’s infrastructure and it ensure it is high quality. However, in the rural areas of our district infrastructure also means ensuring that residents have reliable access to broadband internet services and clean drinking water. Chris Jacobs has been on the frontlines of these issues and will make granting reliable access to these services a priority of his Congressional Agenda. These measures also have the added benefit of creating thousands of good paying jobs for the hard-working men and women of Western New York.

Supporting our great Family Farms

Western New York is home to hundreds of farms that make up the largest economic driver and sector in our state. Chris Jacobs knows our farms are a major employer and economic force in our region, they are also critically important to our regional identity –to who we are in Western New York –we not only must assure our farms survive but they grow and thrive for future generations. Chris has been a staunch advocate for our great farmers. In 2019 when out-of-touch Albany politicians passed the disastrous Farm Bill, Chris stood up and fought for farmers. Now he looks to carry that same passion and fire to Congress to ensure continued prosperity for farmers for years to come, and looks to establish a regular congressional forum where he can meet with farmers and hear firsthand the issues they are facing every day.

Fight for Trade Deals that put America First

Chris was a staunch supporter of the USMCA was proud to applaud President Trump’s leadership in passing such a historic trade deal to put American workers and farmers first. When negotiating future trade deals with foreign entities, we need to make sure that we have people at the table who have America’s best interest at heart and who are working to advance the hardworking men and women of America – Chris Jacobs is ready to take on that responsibility. Together with the President, Chris will lead the fight to ensure all trade deals put America First.