Says visit highlights critical importance of completing border wall

Chris Jacobs receives a briefing from Border Patrol agents at the Rio Grande

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – Congressional Candidate (NY-27) and State Senator Chris Jacobs traveled to Texas this week to gain a greater understanding of the current crisis of illegal immigration along the United States Southern Border.  While in Texas Jacobs received an extensive briefing from the Federal Office of Customs and Border Patrol, toured detention facilities and directly toured the US/Mexico Border. 

“I was in the Rio Grande Valley which has more illegal crossings than any other sector in the Southern Border. The main reason this area of the border has the most illegal crossings is it has the least amount of wall built,” said Jacobs. But President Trump will be getting the wall built here very soon and all the Border Patrol Agents agreed it will make a big difference.”

Jacobs said major gains have been made to get this crisis under control. “President Trump has finally gotten Mexico to be a true partner in this effort,” said Jacobs. Jacobs said the most significant advancement with Mexico is now most asylum applications are processed in Mexico instead of the United State which has dramatically decreased illegal crossings.

Jacobs said he was very impressed with the professionalism of the Border Patrol Agents and the facilities. “Every person apprehended in this area is treated humanely and given access to all amenities for safety, hygiene and health. They are given access to showers, laundry facilities, oral/personal hygienic products,  hot meals and snacks through the day and medical care.

“The negative media and political narrative of our border agents is unfair, untrue and completely inaccurate,” said Jacobs. The men and women working tirelessly to protect our borders are true patriots and deserve our full respect for their selfless service to keep our country safe,” said Jacobs.

“I learned a great deal from this trip and the actions needed in Congress to solve this crisis,” said Jacobs. “If elected to the Congress I will fight to make sure our borders are fully secure and to do that I will make sure our Border Agents receive all the financial support they need to do their job,” concluded Jacobs.

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