Media Contact: Christian Chase –

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – Congressional Candidate (NY-27) and sitting State Senator Chris Jacobs announced Friday that he has signed a pledge signifying his intent to fight for term limits if elected to Congress. 

“Term limits have been central to my agenda since I began my legislative career. I campaigned on term limits for State Senate, and the day I was sworn in I introduced legislation creating them,” said Jacobs. He continued, “term limits are not a new idea for me, or a campaign talking point – but rather something that I feel is necessary, in Albany and certainly Washington, to ensure good government and that legislators’ priorities lie with their constituents’ needs.”

Jacobs stated, “unfortunately in Washington today we see too many politicians who would rather use their elected office to score political gain and campaign contributions.” Jacobs added, “just look at the obsession over impeachment in Washington. Millions and millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on a fruitless partisan investigation, which is great for Democratic campaign ads, while quality legislation that would benefit millions of Americans – like the President’s trade deal – is left neglected.”

 The term limit pledge Jacobs signed is put forth by the organization US Term Limits. “This organization’s mission is to enact and ensure good government by calling on leaders to sign a pledge signifying support for term limits, and in-turn affirming they will conduct themselves in a way which is selfless, ethical, and benevolent to their constituents – rather than their campaign coffers,” said Jacobs.

He concluded, “term limits have been a legislative priority of mine since I started campaigning four years ago. Now as I am seeking congressional office I am re-affirming my commitment to this priority. Washington needs new ideas and new leadership, not career politicians. I hope to bring both if elected, and get to work right away to assist the President’s Administration in passing quality legislation to keep moving America forward.”