Says Governor Cuomo and Democrats have made New York State Less Safe

Media Contact: Christian Chase –

(Buffalo, N.Y.) –State Senator Chris Jacobs is once again stating his opposition to the new bail reform laws passed this year by the Democratic Majority and Governor Cuomo. Jacobs says the recent news of a suspect accused of committing an Anti- Semitic hate crime, and being released, only to commit another attack shows just how dangerous these so called “reforms” will be for New Yorkers

“Last week we saw a vile hate crime committed against members of our Jewish Community here in New York. Saturday when the suspect was arraigned prosecutors did not even ask for bail because on January 1st this person would be released anyways thanks to Cuomo’s reckless new law,” said Jacobs. He continued, “who are we as New Yorkers and Americans if we are willingly freeing suspects who have committed hate crimes back into the public where they can cause further damage and danger?”

Last week the suspect attacked three Jewish woman, punching them, and yelling curse words at them. The suspect is a repeat offender with a felony sentence. Under Governor Cuomo’s new law, any non-sexual assault does not carry enough criminality to have bail set, so the suspect was released back into the public. Following her release she committed another violent attack yesterday and was arrested again.

“Governor Cuomo is quite literally protecting criminals with his new laws. He is giving them a free pass to commit crime and is endangering all New Yorkers in the process,” said Jacobs. He continued, “in this case his laws have allowed someone with a clear anger and hatred towards the Jewish community, who has already attacked members of it, to be released again and she committed another attack.”

Jacobs concluded, “I have been against this new legislation since it was introduced, I have introduced counter legislation, and I will continue to be vocal advocate for its repeal. We cannot allow New Yorkers to live in fear of criminals because the Democrats and the Governor want to score some cheap political points.”