Says Cuomo is using public safety excuse to take more money from New Yorkers

(Buffalo, NY) – State Senator Chris Jacobs (60th SD) criticized what he called “Governor Cuomo’s blatant money grab on already over-taxed New Yorkers,” in response to the Governor’s recent announcement that millions of New York drivers will be required to purchase new license plates beginning next year, regardless of the condition of their existing plates. The cost will be $25 dollars and an additional $20 dollars to keep your old plate number.

“As a former County Clerk who ran Auto Bureaus, I know full-well how many ridiculous fees and taxes the State already imposes on drivers,” said Jacobs. “This is just another example of the Cuomo administration using any excuse to take more hard-earned money from already overtaxed New Yorkers,” said Jacobs. “What makes this really galling is that this money grab is being done under the guise of public safety,” said Jacobs.