Media Contact: Christian Chase –

(Erie County, N.Y.) – A new television ad released by the Jacobs Campaign today will highlight President Trump’s endorsement of Chris Jacobs for his support for securing our borders.

In his endorsement of Jacobs the President stated, “Chris will be a great Congressman who will always fight for the people of New York. He supports our MAGA Agenda and will continue to secure our Border.”

“In a time where democrats like Bernie Sanders and Nate McMurray support open borders and sanctuary cities, I am focused on Americans’ safety. I’ve been to the southern border and have been briefed by our great Border Patrol Agents. I have seen firsthand the problems we are facing as a nation, and in Congress I plan to work with our President to continue securing the border,” Jacobs said. 

Jacobs toured the Rio Grande Valley in October of 2019 and received extensive briefings from Border Patrol Agents stationed in the area. He participated in a tour of the Southern Border and toured three different detention facilities.

The Jacobs ad will air on broadcast and cable stations in the Buffalo and Rochester markets.