(Erie County, N.Y.) – Republican candidate for Congress (NY-27) Chris Jacobs is blasting Governor Cuomo for confiscation of vital Western New York medical resources.

“The Governor has made it very clear that NYC is the starting point for COVID-19, but that a wave could very well travel across our state and hit Western New York. By taking away our vital medical supplies, the Governor is directly putting all Western New Yorkers at risk,” Jacobs said. “When we don’t have the resources to fight COVID-19 here, we will lose Western New York lives.”

Jacobs is referring to the Executive Order signed by the Governor today mandating all hospitals to give up ventilators they are not currently using. The Governor also has activated the National Guard to go out to hospitals to obtain these unused ventilators. Cuomo has not stated what determines whether a ventilator is needed in a hospital, and is enacting this without consulting area hospitals.

“Our people are kind and generous, but this arrogant and dangerous dictatorial move by the Governor is unacceptable. It is an insult and an outrage that Cuomo wants to use the National Guard to confiscate our ventilators and PPE that we desperately need and sending it 450 miles away,” Jacobs said. “Western New York is struggling to meet a surging demand and, contrary to his belief, is not sitting on a massive stockpile of ventilators and PPE. We need to stand in a united front against this and defend Western New York from yet another affront to our well being from the Governor.”