(Buffalo, NY) – New York State Senator Chris Jacobs, the former Erie County Clerk, criticized the New York State Business Council for supporting legislation to allow the issuing of New York State Driver’s Licenses to immigrants here in the United States illegally. The Business Council lobbies for many of the largest corporations in in New York State.

“I am extremely disappointed that the Business Council would take a position that could threaten public safety, respect for the rule of law and the integrity of our democratic electoral process,” said Jacobs.   “This is a subversion of state law and the Business Council should reconsider their position.”

Jacobs said the legislation would create a double standard, with law-abiding citizens having to provide significant amounts of identification and verifications to obtain a driver’s license while illegal aliens would need to provide very little documentation to obtain a license.

“Law enforcement has come out against this legislation for good reason,” Jacobs stated.  “This legislation would prohibit the DMV from sharing databases with third parties, including law enforcement, hindering their ability to search traffic records for routine traffic stops.  Our Auto Bureaus have always collaborated with law enforcement to keep our streets safe.  This law will break that bond,” he added.

According to Jacobs, another alarming element of this law is that it could dramatically increase voter fraud in New York State by making it extremely easy for illegal aliens to vote.

“As a former County Clerk who ran Auto Bureaus, I am aware of the large number of people that register to vote while getting their driver’s license,” said Jacobs.  “This new law will prevent DMV staff from verifying the citizenship status of someone registering to vote while getting a driver’s license.  Under this law it will be incredibly easy for illegal aliens to not only get driver’s licenses but to register to vote and with no identification requirements on Election Day, it’s my opinion we are opening up a ‘Pandora’s box’ of voter fraud,” he concluded.