(Erie County, N.Y.) – Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) released the following statement announcing he will seek re-election in the new 23rd Congressional District drawn by the Special Master. 

“Serving Western New York for the past two years has been an honor, it is my home, and we value freedom, family, national security, and fiscal responsibility. With this in mind and after much consideration, I am announcing my candidacy to run in the newly drawn 23rd district.

“NY-23 shares these conservative values. They draw across county lines and connect cities, towns, and villages throughout the region. Many of these communities I have been honored to represent in Congress and previously in the New York State Senate and as Erie County Clerk. I look forward to getting to know new communities throughout the Southern Tier, and I am committed to being out and about in each and every community, continuing my track record of working effectively with localities.

“In my first two years in office – we have faced and overcome many challenges, but this coming election is one of the most consequential in my lifetime. One-party Democratic rule and the Biden administration in Washington have been disastrous for our nation. We face an inflation crisis not seen in 40 years. Families face record-high prices at the pump, leaving them to choose between filling their tanks and buying medicine and essential goods. Our southern border remains open to criminals and dangerous fentanyl due to weak policies from the current administration. And Americans are being forced to foot the bill for the administration’s partisan policies. 

Now, more than ever, we need a strong, conservative majority in the House to deliver real solutions that bring down costs, restore our energy independence, end reckless spending, and secure our nation. I will fight to deliver that majority and continue my work for the people of New York to defend our constitutional rights, economic prosperity, and our future.