New Trade Deal Will Provide Major Boost to Local
 Dairy Farms and Auto Manufacturers

Dysfunction in Washington is the norm, but there’s an opportunity for Congress to finally get something important done for the American people by passing President Trump’s newly renegotiated trade deal between the United States, Canada and Mexico that will replace NAFTA. 

Scrapping NAFTA, which was never a great deal for Western New York, and replacing it with a stronger agreement that creates a more level playing field for our farmers and manufacturers should be among our highest priorities. 

While widespread support for the President’s deal exists in Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has refused to set a date for a vote in the House of Representatives. This new trade pact was agreed upon last year by the leaders of the three countries and it deserves quick action by the Congress. 

For Western New York and other regions fighting to keep their manufacturing and farming jobs, this new trade deal is critical. Several recent studies of the new trade pact show that areas like Western New York are poised to benefit significantly, in particular the region’s dairy industry and auto parts manufacturing companies. 

Our farms are a major employer and economic force in our region. They are also critically important to our regional identity – to who we are in Western New York. We must not only assure our farmers survive but that they also grow and thrive for future generations. 

President Trump’s new deal eliminates long standing Canadian milk tariffs, opening up the Canadian market to New York dairy producers. Our dairy and milk producers employ more than 25,000 people, but they have suffered significant losses over the last several years. Finally having a fair trade relationship with Canada really could help turn things around. This new trade agreement creates a fair playing field with dairy competitors in Canada.

The new pact also provides incentives for American automobiles to be made with a greater percentage of US-manufactured parts – which could help many local auto producers like GM Powertrain in Tonawanda and the Ford Stamping Plant in Hamburg.

The U.S. International Trade Commission recently released a comprehensive analysis of the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement, citing its positive impact to the nation’s economy and its particular benefit to certain regions, such as those that border Canada. 

Despite the fact that Mexico ratified the agreement earlier this month and Canada’s government has begun the process as well, Pelosi has claimed President Trump’s actions to force Mexico to reduce the number of migrants crossing the southern border are reason for delaying a vote. This is unacceptable. Working to stop the flow of illegal immigration across our border with Mexico should not jeopardize this new and crucial trade deal. 

Democrats don’t disagree with the deal – in fact, it has been reported that a majority of Pelosi’s Democrats in the House support the new agreement. Many have been encouraging a renegotiation of NAFTA for decades. Pelosi and the Democrats in Washington need to end the partisan gamesmanship and pass this new trade deal. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already indicated his confidence that the Senate will easily pass the deal once Pelosi allows a vote in the House. 

In my time in public life, I’ve focused on achieving results and that’s what I want to do in Congress. I’m running for the 27th district because I believe we need leaders who are willing to take the hard stands and fight when necessary to get things done. President Trump has negotiated a good deal for Western New York and Congress should pass it immediately.