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WNY State Senator files for NY 27 Congressional Seat

Erie County, NY – State Senator Chris Jacobs today will file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for the 27th Congressional District, the seat currently held by Chris Collins.

 “Western New York needs a strong advocate in Congress, “Jacobs said. “All that I have done in my professional life over the last 30 years has prepared me to be an effective Congressman to fight for our region. My experiences owning a business for more than 15 years, starting a non-profit scholarship fund for WNY children and serving stints at the local, federal and now state government level –have all made me ready to make a real difference for our community in the US Congress.”

Jacobs is the founder and owner of Avalon Development, a Western New York real estate company which has redeveloped many vacant and historic buildings in the Buffalo area. He has received numerous awards his bringing older buildings and the community around them back to life.

Prior to his election to the State Senate, he served as Erie County Clerk. Jacobs was the first Republican Clerk elected in Erie County in 40 years. As Clerk he was credited with overhauling the operations of the Clerk’s real estate division which had fallen into dysfunction. Jacobs drove dramatic efficiencies in the throughout Clerk’s Office without increasing the number of employees.  He was also credited with building the Clerk’s Thank-A-Vet Program, the largest veteran discount program of its kind in the entire state. As Clerk he ran the County’s Pistol Permit Division, their he received accolades for his strong defense of 2nd Amendment rights especially during the passage of the New York SAFE Act.

After college, Jacobs worked for former Buffalo Bill’s Quarterback and Republican Congressman Jack Kemp in Washington D.C., when he was Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In 1994, Jacobs moved back home to start the BISON Scholarship Fund which raises donations to provide scholarships enabling Western New York children to attend private and religious schools. Since its inception BISON has provided more than 20,000 scholarships for children throughout the eight counties of Western New York.

Jacobs said a major priority if elected to the Congress will be to fight for small business owners. “I believe if our region is going to grow again it will be through increasing the number of new start-up business and the growth of our existing small businesses,” said Jacobs.  Jacobs says he supports President Trump’s efforts to roll back the hundreds of additional regulations passed during the Obama year’s which has been especially burdensome to small businesses.

In terms of small and locally owned businesses, Jacobs says of particular importance to him will be the hundreds of farmers in the region. “Our farms are a major employer and economic force in our region, they are also critically important to our regional identity –to who we are in Western New York –we not only must assure our farms survive but they grow and thrive for future generations,” said Jacobs. He wants to promote “pro-farm” policies in Congress and says of immediate importance is that the Congress needs to pass the new trade pact between Canada and Mexico that President Trump successfully negotiated. “This new trade agreement finally creates a fair playing field with dairy in Canada, knocking down tariffs and opening up the Canadian market for our dairy farmers,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs says he supports President Trump’s efforts to rebuild our military after “eight years of neglect and disinvestment during the Obama Presidency,” said Jacobs.  “I believe history has shown us that the best way to keep the peace is through strength,” said Jacobs. He also says the best way to assure that we are able to recruit the “best and brightest” into our military is to show how well we treat our veterans, and their Jacobs says he supports the President’s efforts to transform our VA and other critical programs for veterans.

Jacobs also supports President Trump’s call for a comprehensive infrastructure bill. “Our infrastructure is crumbling, that is a core responsibility of government and the federal government needs to be a true partner,” said Jacobs.  “Beyond road and bridge funding, it’s critical that the infrastructure package includes funding for rural broadband and internet access and of utmost importance is clean drinking water.” Jacobs pointed out that many of the rural areas in 27th Congressional District suffer from contaminated well water and other challenges to provide the basic necessity of clean water for consumption.

Finally, Jacobs is a supporter of term limits for members of congress.” I believe a major reason for Washington’s culture of dysfunction is because we have far too many career politicians.” said Jacobs. We need more citizen legislators, citizens’ who come to Washington to serve for a brief period and go back home to live under the laws they created,” said Jacobs. “Term limits are critically important if we are going to achieve the President’s goal of ‘draining the swamp’ in Washington,” said Jacobs.